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You gotta have the right ingredients

April 14, 2016


As renown as we are for the plays and Productions that we sponsor and that we throw across the country and world.

There’s something to be said about the fact that we know that there’s a process for all the things we did not just get there overnight.

Sometimes we can look at our generation right now I realize that everybody lives in somewhat of a microwave time in a situation.

Is there a realizing sometimes great things in the bigger the thing is it will take more of a crock pot time and attention span than the immediate gratification that most are used to now.

And although this is said with the understanding that yes we know about their present needs and things that people know that are very pressing and higher priority that needs to be immediately dealt with.

But that is not forsake the fact that there are some experiences there some seasonings there are some processes that everything has to go through to have the gestation time. So that it can be a tasting right.

So our festivals have taken off the ground due to the fact that we have taken care to meticulously added measure out the specific ingredients that are necessary.

See when you are baking a cake or maybe some brownies you don’t take the individual ingredients and eat them separately now they would taste horrible if you had just some dry flour by itself.

Like say for instance you were trying to start from the ground level a successful company such as this towing Southfield one right here.

You understand as at the mindset of a good CEO or a business entrepreneurs that you need specific great ingredients like good customer service good dispatch good team players.

Even a good customer oriented websites such as the page displayed here at http://www.southfieldtowing.net/roadside-assistance-southfield/

So understanding in the context of the company that this the field of business that list of towing companies coming from that you are also needed and ingredients such as this at http://www.southfieldtowing.net/flat-tire-lockout-service-southfield/

And then you put it all together and you let it out let it cook for an allotted amount of time and you have a beautiful tasting delicacy.

Licensed and Insured

March 17, 2016


There were times during our festivals where some of our equipment vehicles have broken down that carry staging and props.

therefore we have to be able to be clear about the vehicle repair and tow services.

There was a time when we where passing through the Midwest and needed to find a licensed & insured in Royal Oak, MI and where able to continue our journey.

There are steps in the game there is actual approach to performer learning mechanics that goes from them watching you do it, to doing with them, then watching them do it.

In that environment of structure discipline and accountability it is highly conducive for the atmosphere in which measurable growth can occur.

Why do you think that before you go into many of the major entertainment professions that you have to undergo an apprenticeship or an internship, It is because after your formal education of the understanding and the knowledge of the subject you then need to get the real world experience and undergo the real life pressures.

Remind me of the time that the boss of bosses or the Don of all dons told his disciples by saying follow me and we will not get stuck on the side of the road.

In conclusion long story short

if our car don’t make the trip we have expected we know that we need to find someone who can tow to help us get there.

I remember the excitement as my family had been wandering through different parts of that hot climate looking because at that time we know that we need help with car diagnosis as we where traveling for a place to settle our roots as we transitioned from the northern part of the country.

I remember a small brown truck that had a trillion electrical shortages that kept locking the car as I always had to ask someone to unlock my truck please, I remember the feeling that we got from the vibe of the space and how it seemed drivable but knew there was somewhere better for us to get to once we got our truck back on the road.


Crossroads to Greatness

March 16, 2016


Whether by land by sea or by air if you’re going to get there you can have to get there on your own and without being carry or towed by a tow truck.

On many occasions we have taken performers that have shut down the festival’s that we have promoted and began asking the very good questions for the upcoming producers, artists, and musicians.

Your grind represents a sturdy foundation it represents being grounded and rooted it represents the patience of the process of being planted as a seed and growing into a towering, shade giving, fruit bearing, paper producing, oxygen supplying addition to this great big earth that we are fortunate to call home.


no matter how tall how great, how impressive the tree appears to be it is only as strong as its roots. I have memories riding in the car as a kid after a storm and seeing just the most massive trees uprooted. But then I also took note of the trees that I saw that appeared a bit weaker above ground but yet they were still standing after the stormy winds had subsided. In that instant as a young buck I realized the correlation between how deep and how firmly planted are the roots how strong the tree is.

So this is understood for all of those who one day aspire to reach the crowds to the capacity that the performers that reach our stages do as they share the fruits of their artistic labor with the people.

Top Form Festivals

March 14, 2016


Are you not into outdoor festivals, well we have the solution which is our top form indoor music festival performance series.

ready to support your favorite artists and believe that your energy  will somehow draw a deep and passionate gift through their art. Sure why not?

We can root and cheer from the front row seats of the stadium where the festivities are held indoors where we experience the festival frenzy live, or we can enjoy from the comfort of our own living room where we can throw a party and enjoy the fellowship and company of our peers and associates.

Beyond the festive statement that our clothing line can result in, it is also a pledge of allegiance and appreciation to the musician of whose journey and music we are supporting.

And just to think that the performers

actually gets a percentage of the profits that result in the sale of the paraphernalia and clothing that is a tribute to the many years of hard labor and intensive training that allowed that artist to reach the level of excellence that invokes honor and respect among admirers the world over.

I say that somewhat unapologetically due to the fact that the performance rights organization is an institution and a business that is successfully built to feed a wide spectrum of positions and economies surrounding the talent that we tune into to cheer onward and upward.

So whatever you’re standing for, and whoever you decide to stand behind when it comes to your entertainment, just be sure you take my advice and be prepared for the festivities..

Reflexes quick like Roadside Assistance

March 13, 2016


On many occasions there have been Travelers who come to our festivals from foreign lands and have experienced vehicle trouble.

These are all for all the international and interstate travelers who want to hit the pavement and take the driving roads to get to our Festival experience.

Is just like building any other brand from the ground up. You’ve gotta see it, you better believe it, before you even can have a dream of conceiving it.

Yea it’s true, imagine you saw there was a great need for quality festivals, you saw the other guys trying to make a quick buck at the expense of the customer experience, you see an opening and you are struck with a flash of inspiration to bring some soul to the stage and you go off, gather information, educate yourself, innovate solutions, and go ahead and get to business.

That’s what needs to happen with a fun music time that represents Love in its true form of forgiveness, justice, truth, and restoration. We can’t just sit around and allow resistance to continue where there is a right to ease.

That’s how you get your flow stifled and your style cramped, you gotta have the Juice regardless of whatever you accomplished previously isn’t the point to discuss here.

We start the engine

and had the weight of experience so we have prepared for all of her diligence preparing the stage and getting the atmosphere set for a party time for at our festivals.

If any car trouble were to arise then you would be able to call a fast & affordable tow you can count on type service

At the end of the day, what does your vacation and free time mean? what’s the mission and the reason for its existence, what can people believe in that is not only displayed by the passion of its leaders, but by the fruits of our labor?

The Deep, Dark Side

March 12, 2016

tomorrowworld-2014-4-1024cc x682

The ability to stand on stage and put your heart on the floor for the people…

How much unnecessary stress do we burden ourselves with because we refuse to open up and communicate to others.

Maybe you can expecially relate to this if you are the one who others usually come to for help.

You’re known for your strength and your ability to entertain others so sometimes you forget that you also need a shoulder to lean on when you’re tired, An ear to listen, a word of advice, a comforting smile, an encouraging word, the universal human need to be loved and appreciated.

The type of liberation that makes you understand when Bob Marley said “emancipate yourself from mental slavery, None but ourselves can free our minds”

The freedom of Festival Expression is

like a bird who has been kept in a cage but yet still had a dream of the limitless horizons and soaring over clouds. That Byrd could see all over on the other side of the window that there was a world bigger than the one that was confined in against its very nature. That Bird knows there more that Bird says there’s more the bird believes there that there’s more and that bird desires the freedom to experience the more.

But what is stopping the spectator is the base of the stage that limits the limitations that are keeping the viewer entertained.

Sometimes we can find ourselves being in that place except the limitations that we have are not the metal stage props that the bird faces but they’re more so like the invisible mental and spiritual props that keep what’s inside of us coming out to entertain.

Spring Flavor

March 10, 2016


Can you smell what the rock is cooking?

The soft subtle sense subtly wafting through the airwaves and the airspace out of the pot from the kitchen counter tantalizing everyone’s nostrils.

Outdoor festivals we played good mind to make sure that we have good culture and good music and good atmosphere in good space for family and friends but we also make sure we have good food.

It is an immense honor and pleasure every time that we have and every turning a festival Enthusiast who came back with express intents of seeing what our kitchen has to offer this year.

Some our our festival favorites…

If you’ve ever been to a festival or Carnival outdoor just as a gathering in like the spring summer or fall just beautiful weather outside then you probably Are most likely familiar with some of the more well-known foods that you will find in these situations such as funnel cakes elephant ears cotton candy sausages and things of the like.

You know foods that are typically easier to eat while walking maybe you’ll get some chili cheese fries and some food that may be high in grease and fat content but it’s delicious and Consistent with the theme of having fun with in the park that you’re in.

Indeed when you come into our Festival you will see all of these foods and more due to the fact that we take care of that have a home-cooked and healthy options available for you to enjoy


Festival Le Fleur

March 9, 2016

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Among the many different types of art, food, and culture that festivals can celebrate,

We definitely want to pay mind and commemorate the beauty of art and its significance when is appreciated and enjoyed with even within the context of an outdoor Festival.

And as we have already established within our previous writings and post that even though we are primarily a by publication based on the folk culture, That we expand our of a topic of conversation even into some cultures that are beyond our own and to be able to appreciate all of the different facets of art.

Floral festivals

So as we step into our land of our imagination and peer into the future of what festivals Could be it could look like we can look at different examples of amazing festivals that people will come to for either a music band or they would come to for art.

We can look at the well-known and popular South by Southwest music festival and even Bonnaroo or look at me tomorrow land then that’s cool but what we want to propose is an idea that celebrates the significance the beauty the flow of the essence the scent of a flower.

Say for instance that you and your mind went back to the days when they were hippies and it was all peace love and unity, And there was always some flower girls with knit the flower things that would go around your neck or maybe even put them in your hair as you’re sitting around the campfire.

Festival Season

March 8, 2016


The season of festival festivities is upon us.

The snow has finally melted as we made it through the winter in the Sun is creeping up over the clouds and over the trees instantly melting the icicles and the remaining snow.

And as last traces of a not too brutal winter it begins to disappear what begins to appear is the beautiful weather that notifies is the time for festivals.

Now we are known for our folk music festivals and we are a premier company that enables individuals to get in touch with their folk roots and heritage.

I’m sure we all have

Fond memories of our childhood of the late evenings listed in the festival soaking up the great music vibes and wonderful food

Maybe grab a couple brews for yourself and your buddies and you’ll get a blanket and maybe invite the ladies and you all go out and just enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of just the outdoor scene and soak up the natural rejuvenation.

Which is the type of setting that we aim for here with our folk festivals there for individuals can come and find their enter Folk whether they knew it’s in there or not.

The best of Folk foods.

Now even as we consider the fact that Asian cultures have their original cultural foods and even Africans and even Jamaicans and even parts of America have like soul food, we take great pride in who we come from our culture our history our heritage and we let that be reflected through the food that we served and share