Festival Season

March 8, 2016


The season of festival festivities is upon us.

The snow has finally melted as we made it through the winter in the Sun is creeping up over the clouds and over the trees instantly melting the icicles and the remaining snow.

And as last traces of a not too brutal winter it begins to disappear what begins to appear is the beautiful weather that notifies is the time for festivals.

Now we are known for our folk music festivals and we are a premier company that enables individuals to get in touch with their folk roots and heritage.

I’m sure we all have

Fond memories of our childhood of the late evenings listed in the festival soaking up the great music vibes and wonderful food

Maybe grab a couple brews for yourself and your buddies and you’ll get a blanket and maybe invite the ladies and you all go out and just enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of just the outdoor scene and soak up the natural rejuvenation.

Which is the type of setting that we aim for here with our folk festivals there for individuals can come and find their enter Folk whether they knew it’s in there or not.

The best of Folk foods.

Now even as we consider the fact that Asian cultures have their original cultural foods and even Africans and even Jamaicans and even parts of America have like soul food, we take great pride in who we come from our culture our history our heritage and we let that be reflected through the food that we served and share

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