Festival Le Fleur

March 9, 2016

unspecified Liu

Among the many different types of art, food, and culture that festivals can celebrate,

We definitely want to pay mind and commemorate the beauty of art and its significance when is appreciated and enjoyed with even within the context of an outdoor Festival.

And as we have already established within our previous writings and post that even though we are primarily a by publication based on the folk culture, That we expand our of a topic of conversation even into some cultures that are beyond our own and to be able to appreciate all of the different facets of art.

Floral festivals

So as we step into our land of our imagination and peer into the future of what festivals Could be it could look like we can look at different examples of amazing festivals that people will come to for either a music band or they would come to for art.

We can look at the well-known and popular South by Southwest music festival and even Bonnaroo or look at me tomorrow land then that’s cool but what we want to propose is an idea that celebrates the significance the beauty the flow of the essence the scent of a flower.

Say for instance that you and your mind went back to the days when they were hippies and it was all peace love and unity, And there was always some flower girls with knit the flower things that would go around your neck or maybe even put them in your hair as you’re sitting around the campfire.

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