Spring Flavor

March 10, 2016


Can you smell what the rock is cooking?

The soft subtle sense subtly wafting through the airwaves and the airspace out of the pot from the kitchen counter tantalizing everyone’s nostrils.

Outdoor festivals we played good mind to make sure that we have good culture and good music and good atmosphere in good space for family and friends but we also make sure we have good food.

It is an immense honor and pleasure every time that we have and every turning a festival Enthusiast who came back with express intents of seeing what our kitchen has to offer this year.

Some our our festival favorites…

If you’ve ever been to a festival or Carnival outdoor just as a gathering in like the spring summer or fall just beautiful weather outside then you probably Are most likely familiar with some of the more well-known foods that you will find in these situations such as funnel cakes elephant ears cotton candy sausages and things of the like.

You know foods that are typically easier to eat while walking maybe you’ll get some chili cheese fries and some food that may be high in grease and fat content but it’s delicious and Consistent with the theme of having fun with in the park that you’re in.

Indeed when you come into our Festival you will see all of these foods and more due to the fact that we take care of that have a home-cooked and healthy options available for you to enjoy


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