The Deep, Dark Side

March 12, 2016

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The ability to stand on stage and put your heart on the floor for the people…

How much unnecessary stress do we burden ourselves with because we refuse to open up and communicate to others.

Maybe you can expecially relate to this if you are the one who others usually come to for help.

You’re known for your strength and your ability to entertain others so sometimes you forget that you also need a shoulder to lean on when you’re tired, An ear to listen, a word of advice, a comforting smile, an encouraging word, the universal human need to be loved and appreciated.

The type of liberation that makes you understand when Bob Marley said “emancipate yourself from mental slavery, None but ourselves can free our minds”

The freedom of Festival Expression is

like a bird who has been kept in a cage but yet still had a dream of the limitless horizons and soaring over clouds. That Byrd could see all over on the other side of the window that there was a world bigger than the one that was confined in against its very nature. That Bird knows there more that Bird says there’s more the bird believes there that there’s more and that bird desires the freedom to experience the more.

But what is stopping the spectator is the base of the stage that limits the limitations that are keeping the viewer entertained.

Sometimes we can find ourselves being in that place except the limitations that we have are not the metal stage props that the bird faces but they’re more so like the invisible mental and spiritual props that keep what’s inside of us coming out to entertain.

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