Crossroads to Greatness

March 16, 2016


Whether by land by sea or by air if you’re going to get there you can have to get there on your own and without being carry or towed by a tow truck.

On many occasions we have taken performers that have shut down the festival’s that we have promoted and began asking the very good questions for the upcoming producers, artists, and musicians.

Your grind represents a sturdy foundation it represents being grounded and rooted it represents the patience of the process of being planted as a seed and growing into a towering, shade giving, fruit bearing, paper producing, oxygen supplying addition to this great big earth that we are fortunate to call home.


no matter how tall how great, how impressive the tree appears to be it is only as strong as its roots. I have memories riding in the car as a kid after a storm and seeing just the most massive trees uprooted. But then I also took note of the trees that I saw that appeared a bit weaker above ground but yet they were still standing after the stormy winds had subsided. In that instant as a young buck I realized the correlation between how deep and how firmly planted are the roots how strong the tree is.

So this is understood for all of those who one day aspire to reach the crowds to the capacity that the performers that reach our stages do as they share the fruits of their artistic labor with the people.

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