Licensed and Insured

March 17, 2016


There were times during our festivals where some of our equipment vehicles have broken down that carry staging and props.

therefore we have to be able to be clear about the vehicle repair and tow services.

There was a time when we where passing through the Midwest and needed to find a licensed & insured in Royal Oak, MI and where able to continue our journey.

There are steps in the game there is actual approach to performer learning mechanics that goes from them watching you do it, to doing with them, then watching them do it.

In that environment of structure discipline and accountability it is highly conducive for the atmosphere in which measurable growth can occur.

Why do you think that before you go into many of the major entertainment professions that you have to undergo an apprenticeship or an internship, It is because after your formal education of the understanding and the knowledge of the subject you then need to get the real world experience and undergo the real life pressures.

Remind me of the time that the boss of bosses or the Don of all dons told his disciples by saying follow me and we will not get stuck on the side of the road.

In conclusion long story short

if our car don’t make the trip we have expected we know that we need to find someone who can tow to help us get there.

I remember the excitement as my family had been wandering through different parts of that hot climate looking because at that time we know that we need help with car diagnosis as we where traveling for a place to settle our roots as we transitioned from the northern part of the country.

I remember a small brown truck that had a trillion electrical shortages that kept locking the car as I always had to ask someone to unlock my truck please, I remember the feeling that we got from the vibe of the space and how it seemed drivable but knew there was somewhere better for us to get to once we got our truck back on the road.


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